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The duo Echo Gain debuts in Uxoa Dutxa Elite with I Need Your Love EP

We welcome the Echo Gain music project from #Egypt making its debut with the EP titled I Need Your Love.

I Need your love is an energetic track from the beginning with a very marked bassline with atmospheres slightly in the background with an abstract touch to give entry to a very intriguing song between #hypnotic sequences that are created and evolved with different filters thus reaching the break with a feeling of total mystery once again perceiving that intriguing song interpreted by Dee Afifi emerged from the darkness to return with all the elements of #drums and #synthesizers making a great climax.

Vodka Bottle is just like a danceable track with that #energetic bassline between dynamic percussive elements and an intoxicating arpeggiated sequence that gives way to a new riff with abstract melodies making a very hypnotizing atmosphere that takes over your mind as vodka usually does, a track very unique for the dance floor.

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