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Monostone debuts in Uxoa Dutxa Elite with Vamos EP

We welcome the Egyptian producer Monostone who makes his debut at Uxoa Dutxa with "Vamos" a brand new original Melodic Techno track complemented with two remixes by Di Rugerio and Sanchä.

The original track has an energetic rhythm from the beginning with a dominant kickdrum and a sequence that seduces you, thus appearing the bassline with a progressive style and a robust structure that reaffirm the energy that the Egyptian producer tries to transmit, adding dynamic riffs that make a good accompaniment to the melodic sequence reaching the break spreading a positive message for humanity.

Followed by a powerful remix from our label head di Rugerio that elegantly begins by keeping some of the original sequences while slowly modifying new sequences, making its distinctive Melodic Techno style stand out with a dynamic and contagious bassline making use of the vocal in small cuts. noting a new atmosphere that gives a mysterious touch and tension in the break doing a great reinterpretation of Vamos.

And to finish but without lowering the high quality we have the remix of the talented producer Sanchä that begins with a progressive style in the bassline accompanied by versatile hats in a more intimate atmosphere than the previous ones but maintaining an excellent captivating rhythm adding an intoxicating sequence that will take you on a deep journey inside your mind, transmitting the message of the vocal with some robotic and acid effects, without a doubt an excellent remix in the same way.

A forceful EP for the dancefloor by Monostone, that soon we will have more music from him in Uxoa Dutxa Elite.

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