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Marco Bedini debuts in Uxoa Dutxa Elite with Equitative EP

Uxoa Dutxa Elite presents the debut of the talented producer Marco Bedini with a powerful two-track EP of Melodic Techno titled Equitative.

Equitative opens with a powerful kickdrum and an energetic bassline with the mysterious singing of a woman leading the rhythm in a progressive style with a new arpeggiated sound and arabesque riffs thus creating new sonic perspectives when the woman returns to recite her magic spell on the main break and returning explosively with the other rhythmic and melodic elements.

Prophety is a more aggressive track with a powerful bassline that forces you to follow it in the company of an arpeggiated sequence with acid overtones within an intriguing and totally mystical atmosphere where hidden prophecies arise in the break, coming back from the darkness with all the energy of the drums and bassline in an extraordinary way.

An excellent debut for Marco in Uxoa Dutxa Elite without a doubt.

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