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Danny Tenaglia - Music is the Answer (Di Rugerio EDIT 2024)

To close 2023 with a flourish and also kick off 2024 with all the attitude, Di Rugerio presents us with an EDIT to the world-renowned song "Music is the Answer" released in the summer of 1998 by American producer Danny Tenaglia, being one of the most popular songs in House music today.

Di Rugerio recreates this iconic song for being an anthem on the island of Ibiza where he has resided for 3 years, being for him a melody full of magic and this is how he recreates this sonorous gem for us, maintaining the House essence but adding his style with forceful bassline with a very energetic and happy rhythm enriched with acidic and hypnotic sequences that will make you dance and feel that the #MusicistheAnswer .


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