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Di Rugerio is a DJ and Music Producer with a long history in the electronic scene in Mexico, being a pioneer in the musical style of Melodic Techno and Organic House where he has developed a particular style fusing analog and digital elements creating original tracks with ethereal atmospheres, elegant melodies and energetic rhythms that have been well received on different club dance floors and festivals around the world.


In his facet as a music producer, he has released Original and Remix Tracks on important international record labels such as Univack, Natura Viva, The Purr, Dear Deer Records, Wout Records, Chrom Recordings, Prototype Music, Sinedie Records, Iboga, Balkan Connection to mention a few and as well on his own record label Uxoa Dutxa Elite ( which he founded in the year of 2012 and that has been successfully positioned on all digital platforms in the genre of Melodic House & Techno.

To the date, he currently has two residences : Ibiza and the Mexican Caribbean.


In Ibiza he made his first season in 2022 where he managed to consolidate his musical project to this demanding public, appearing on well-known Ibizan radio stations such as Ibiza Global Radio and on BALEARICA MUSIC where he made his own radio show entitled "Organic Soul", also it should be noted that it is the Resident DJ of the prestigious JULS IBIZA where he delivers exquisite and varied sessions of Organic House and Afro House every night, so having this important base in the Mediterranean, Di Rugerio has performed in different cities and recognized European venues, having an increasing audience and followers who value his music and DJ Sets, thus he is a guest artist constant in the famous Amsterdam Dance Event.


In the Mexican Caribbean, Di Rugerio has a constant activity in the most prominent clubs, beach clubs, rooftops, radio stations and festivals in Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres, as well as having a presence in central Mexico and South America.

Di Rugerio at the present time has much more to offer and is currently working in the studio and on his Live Act, which will be made up of analog synthesizers, composing new original tracks that will be released in the next season and many performances in new cities around the world.

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Mixtapes from

DI RUGERIO, the Resident DJ of JUL´S Restaurant in Ibiza, shares exclusive Mixtapes recorded directly from his DJ booth to make you experience the most avant-garde melodies and vibrations of the Organic and Afro House that he offers every night.

organic soul

Listen "Organic Soul Radioshow" Just released and streamed from Ibiza by the BALEARICA MUSIC radio station on or on the Balearica Music Official APP available on Appstore and GooglePlay.



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