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Tamez debuts with Midnight EP in Uxoa Dutxa Elite

We welcome talented Mexican producer #Tamez who makes his debut on Uxoa Dutxa Elite with a two-track swell Ep titled Midnight which also includes a Di Rugerio remix.

Midnight is a very elegant track starting with a simple rhythmic base but with a fresh touch in the low toms while an atmospheric pad emerges to give an introduction to a very powerful and robust bass that carries a #melodic line accentuating the offbeats of a very "Bodzin style", with a syncopated sequence that accompanies all the sound elements very well, an incredible track with a slight melancholic and sublime feeling at the same time.

Di Rugerio performs his reinterpretation of Midnight, giving a similar start to the drums but with a powerful bassline from the beginning, maintaining the original atmosphere that gives entry to the sonic journey while a new analog synthesizer sequence in key of G Minor is incorporated to give it a hypnotic brushstroke while we perceive the rise of the filters in the first break returning with a more intense and heavier energy, taking the melodic idea to new #darker horizons.

To end this musical ride, we have Avalanche an atmospheric track from the beginning with a powerful kickdrum that makes an excellent accompaniment with the bassline between percussions that are randomly sounded at the beginning of a long break where abstract melodies announce the arrival of a very energetic and hypnotic sequence that raises its cutoff filters creating a tension throughout your body resembling the intensity of an avalanche, exploding with the powerful kickdrum, later the other rhythmic elements come together to generate an ecstasy between all the filters of the #synthesizers.

A highly anticipated release for us due to the incorporation of Tamez into the Uxoa Dutxa Elite family, being an ideal EP to resonate again on the dance floors this fall of 2021.

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