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New release on Uxoa Dutxa ELite by Di Rugerio : X X X EP

The label head of Uxoa Dutxa Elite is back with new sound material, Di Rugerio presents an interesting and powerful EP of three tracks oriented to Melodic Techno, a significant release called XXX that alludes to his 30th birthday. To start we have XXX that begins with a hypnotic sequence with a slight tension in the background pad creating an atmosphere between darkness with an energetic Techno rhythm while melodic riffs appear that evolve in the automation of its filters, leading the track and inviting you to the mind of its creator. Elevatio is a track that begins with the danceable bassline sequence accompanied by majestic and recondite atmospheres in the background giving entry to a simple synthesizer sequence that will elevate you to ethereal worlds with the melody that arises from a new synthesizer that is slightly arpeggiated and with its filters altered at every moment giving it a greater mystery and always amalgamated with the characteristic rhythm of Di Rugerio. Invictus is a track that maintains the mystical and dark energy with a powerful and robust kickdrum accompanied by a bassline sequence with a progressive style making it contagious and energetic while the melodic riffs are abstract and with an arpeggiated sequence in the background that accompanies and that It continues to be dynamic in its synthesizer filters until a new synthesizer emerges with a colossal and futuristic sound within an imposing rhythm of Melodic Techno. Without a doubt, a great exceptional work by Di Rugerio that will be playing in the dancefloors and being well received by the lovers of our music.




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