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Javier Ho is back with "So Late So Early" also including a remix by Di Rugerio

The talented producer Javier Ho is back at Uxoa Dutxa Elite with an outstanding EP titled So Late So Early which contains a remix from the label head Di Rugerio.

The original track begins with a sequence in the bass with a varied drums in the hats and with slightly tribal percussions while dreamy atmospheres begin to emerge that take you to a new sonic dimension between analog synthesizer riffs, a great track with #progressivehouse overtones.

Di Rugerio performs his reinterpretation starting with an intense kickdrum and the original percussions while releasing a powerful bassline that takes control of the situation while being joined by one of the hypnotic sequences reaching the first break with great mastery while the other atmospheres are incorporated until reach the second break where a new synth sect emerges with a penetrating and deep sound with a soft melancholic feeling.

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