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Ivan Baffa´s debut release is now available in all digital stores : LOST EP

We welcome Argentine producer Ivan Baffa who makes his debut in the Uxoa Dutxa Elite family with an outstanding 3-track EP plus a Di Rugerio remix that is totally dancefloor oriented with Melodic Techno overtones.

Lost is an energetic track from the beginning with a very vivid bassline while in the background it is complemented by dark and mysterious atmospheres with a leading sequence with fine sounds.

Souls in Conflict begins with a sequence that evolves in its filters and a simple drums with a robust kick reaching the first break where mysterious voices with echoes come up and a new sequence appears on stage carrying a very ethereal melody.

Better Than That arrives to close this powerful EP starting with a very explosive rhythmic base a progressive bassline with a forceful kick that fits into your mind and takes over the movements of your body while the hypnotic sequences that are amalgamating become more intoxicating and pleasant the sound journey arriving at the break where again voices are revealed to give you an important message in your subconscious.

A true must-have release for this fall 2021.

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