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Di Rugerio & TH Moy presents new special release " Idunn [Remix Edition] "

We are pleased to present the first edition of remixes of Idunn composed by Th Moy and Di Rugerio. UK-based DJ and producer Blanka Barbara begins with a powerful version with progressive rhythms and a slight rudeness of #Techno sounds with acid and very hypnotic sequences. Followed by the Brazilian producer EZEK who, with his characteristic bassline rhythm, begins his reinterpretation with the background vocal and new melodies with very abstract riffs, taking the track to a new panorama of finesse and forcefulness. The quality of the Italian producer Riggel could not be missing, who makes a "bellisimo" remix starting with a very danceable and contagious rhythm with the bassline and drums adding new sounds in the riffs making the track very #ethereal with the new melodic sequences. To finish comes Zaria, Dj and producer based in San Francisco California, which is worth mentioning is her debut on the record label making a powerful reinterpretation of Idunn with an aggressive and serious Techno rhythm with the incorporation of new sequences and melodic riffs, giving it a new perspective deeper and darker in a sublime way. As a bonus track we have the Radio version of Idunn keeping the melodic idea of the original track released in September 2020.

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