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ADE2021 SAMPLER is coming to Uxoa Dutxa Elite

The annual AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT festival returns to Amsterdam after a devastating cancellation for the music industry last year caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

The ADE2021 offers us great conferences, talks, showcases, events and much more ... that is why Uxoa Dutxa Elite joins this celebration with its third edition of ADE2021 Sampler with an impressive compilation that will be released this October 15th in all digital stores and that brings together ten talented producers recognized around the world for their sterling tracks focused on Ethereal and Melodic Techno such as: Amirali Shakori, AXIKI, Di Rugerio, Eleven Of July, Ezek, Øntold, Joshlane, Messier and Zaria.

A selection of tracks that are at the top created by artists in their best moment shining like stars that they are, giving hope to the dance floor after the pandemic situation that we all suffer, hoping that soon everything returns to normal and that we can enjoy and dance again with total freedom in this magnificent festival that is the Amsterdam Dance Event.

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