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Âverox debut worldwide : Mercenary EP

We welcome the talented Argentine duo Âverox who make their debut in Uxoa Dutxa Elite and worldwide with a brand new EP called Mercenary in its Original and Extended versions plus a powerful remix by label head Di Rugerio.

The Original track is composed with a robust kickdrum at the beginning and an aggressive bassline between dark atmospheres and a voice from the underworld guiding the sonic journey, likewise the drums appear with enough dynamism that in turn give way to a beastly analog riff between a arpeggiated sequence creating a suitable and hypnotic break with an essence of darkness and with the synthesizer filters that will make you hallucinate and explode with such an intoxicating rhythm.

The Extended version begins with a long spatial introduction recreating the abstract atmosphere with shades of darkness like the original version while the drums maintain the energy and versatility by making tiny changes and adjustments to the analogous sequences and riffs.

Di Rugerio's Remix has an energetic start with a catchy bassline and strong kickdrum with a very minimalist rhythm, maintaining the atmospheres in an abstract way and changing the tonality of the voices, thus creating a darker version than its predecessors, also a noticeable new sequence with acid sounds and conceiving a variant of the powerful original riff with deeper and slightly more aggressive sounds synthesized with the Moog, thus reaching the break, creating a space of calm and adding an arpeggiated sequence in the background that makes your emotions explode with the original riff at the moment of climax.

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