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Ancla 1


An Odissey of Ethereal Sounds

Independent record label birthed in the mid-2012, Uxoa Dutxa Elite is focused on underground sounds of the "Melodic Techno" style with great influence from dark and mystical atmospheres always enriched by melodies with soul that transcend the ephemeral concept of music.

In the desire to bring the most sublime auditory experience we have committed to select exquisitely well worked music, as well the artwork designs of the covers are been totally renewed projecting an abstract idea in each release resulting a complete audiovisual sensation that transcends the thoughts and emotions.

Our company is currently growing in the music industry with the support of renowned producers who believe and have believed in our work and music. Each release is dedicated not only to DJs but also to music lovers that have been added throughout our existence.



Always at the forefront of music.

We distribute our music professionally to the most prominent and important digital and streaming stores in the music industry.

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