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The 42nd edition of Melodic Tales is now available with a very special guest directly from Brazil, the producer Doguez who will soon make his debut on Uxoa Dutxa Elite with a brand new EP entitled Hera. Doguez recorded a unique and special session for our channel capturing all the energy of Techno with melodic overtones that will excite all your senses and emotions, so let's not waste any more time and let yourself be carried away by the sound journey that we have prepared for you.


  1. Blanka Barbara – Rebirth

  2. Øostil, Juan Hansen - Drown (Massano Remix)

  3. Doguez – Apollo

  4. Stephan Jolk – Freedom

  5. Doguez - Hera

  6. Routher – Mystic Connection

  7. Doguez - Éris

  8. D Mayer – ID

  9. Innure, HNGT – ID

  10. Dellucht & Doguez - ID

  11. Doguez – ID

  12. Massano – Odyssey

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