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Zy Khan debuts with Heaven a formidable four track EP

We welcome London based producer Zy Khan making his debut on Uxoa Dutxa Elite with a formidable four track EP geared towards melodic techno.

Heaven begins with a kickdrum and a bassline with progressive style while melodic riffs enter the scene giving it an ethereal touch quickly reaching the break with new fine synth melodies that transport you to the same paradise.

Followed by Who We Are that begins with a dreamy pad as an intro raising its filters to give input to a powerful kickdrum that maintains the same progressive style, reaching a first break where mysterious atmospheres appear predominating an arpeggiated sequence that develops with its filter automations creating an excellent shade of darkness.

Trumphant begins with a catchy bass sequence that is soon accompanied by a robust kickdrum between dynamic hats reaching a break where a spectral voice appears giving it a greater sense of energy with the arpeggiated sequence making it hypnotizing and very striking but at the same time glorious.

Contagion ends this exceptional release by Zy Khan with an arpeggiated sequence and an accompanying pad that joins a clean and versatile drums between dark atmospheres in the background that develop a very elegant melody that in the course of its movement modifies its synthesis with different synth filters.

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