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Zurck-X is back with an outstanding release focused on Ethereal Techno : Subliminal EP

Actualizado: 6 nov 2021

The outstanding Mexican group Zurck-X is back at Uxoa Dutxa Elite presenting Subliminal a two-track EP totally focused on #EtherealTechno.

Aural Codex is a magical track from the beginning with an elongated intro of hypnotic atmospheres until the kickdrum arrives and thus a sequence that raises the cutoff filters in a short break to return with a powerful bassline and that in the course of it becomes mature all melodies transcend to an ethereal level.

Vita with a simple rhythmic base begins while in the background the bassline is perceived with a progressive style and thus melodies gloriously designed by analog synthesizers are leading you to a state of purity and liveliness.

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