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Talented greek producer Tash debuts in Uxoa Dutxa Elite with The Path EP

Actualizado: 19 mar 2022

We welcome the renowned Greek producer #Tash, head of the #MovementRecordings label, who this time makes his debut on Uxoa Dutxa Elite with a brand new three-track EP entitled The Path.

Cerebral is a very energetic track from the beginning with very striking and dynamic mental sequences with a very well balanced #progressive rhythm between the drums and the bassline that always maintains the rhythm while new sequences and riffs emerge that change the nuances and automations of its filters with very colorful atmospheric pads.

Suburbia begins with a chord sequence that stays as a base while it goes up and changing the cutoff filters accompanied by a strong bassline with an elegant rhythm with dynamic drums and slightly electric percussion while new synthesizer sequences with very contagious melodic lines are included. .

To end this sonic journey we have The Path, which opens with a very striking and slightly acidic sequence complemented by very energetic hats and forceful kick drum until a very ethereal synthesizer riff emerges giving entry to the bassline that with a firm rhythm induces us to feel the vibrations in our body and thus exalt our being.

A remarkable debut by Tash that, as usual, captivates us with his incredible productions.

Early Supported by : Paul Anothonee, Nikko Z, Wurtz, Ark Of Mind, Di Rugerio, Zy Khan, Darin Epsilon, Anthony Pappa, Cristian Varela, Armin van Buuren, Jorgio Koris, Lonya, and more.

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