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SANCHÄ makes his debut with an outstanding EP called Carpe

We welcome the Spanish producer Sanchä who makes a superb debut at Uxoa Dutxa Elite with a three-track EP titled Carpe, oriented towards Melodic Techno. To inaugurate we have the main track Carpe that begins with a dynamic drums and a continuous bassline accompanied by a pad in the background that causes slight tension while interesting melodic riffs emerge that exchange notes and evolve in their filters along the way and with a new synth sound loaded with perpetual sensations. Next we have Walking Through, which begins an abstract rhythm and a more aggressive bassline that continually changes the automation of its filters with a totally melodic atmosphere in the background and so on again riffs that lead you to a reality apart from sonority creating a feeling of mental transcendence in the break. Transmutation comes to close the trip with an energetic rhythm and a bassline always present with the change of its cutoff filters accompanied by ethereal riffs and an arpeggiated sequence that will make your consciousness evolve, thus creating a total change in your existence. An excellent start for Sanchä in Uxoa Dutxa Elite with this incredible EP and we will surely have much more of it in the future.

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