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Melodic Tales EP 34 by Zy Khan

Melodic Tales is back with its 34th edition by London-based DJ and Producer Zy Khan.

After an excellent debut on Uxoa Dutxa Elite with his Heaven EP release, he presents us with a sound journey between melodies and ethereal atmospheres, always maintaining the energetic beat of #MelodicTechno, let's not waste any more time and let yourself be carried away by this exclusive mix that Uxoa Dutxa Elite offers for you.

TRACKLIST: 1 Findike - Properganda [Dark Hooks Records] 2 Starkato - Done [Deep Tale] 3 Emre K - Spiral [Duenia] 4 Wayward Bros , Arina Alba - Vecher 5 Diviation [Polyptych] 6 Akari [Polyptych] 7 Nesh Holden - You got it [Duenia] 8 Zy Khan - Trumphant [Uxoa Dutxa Elite] 9 Drey Kinian - Mystique {Tanzemeinschaft] [Zy Khan Remix] 10 Tom Watt - Outside Berlin [Vision 3 Records] 11 Open For Her [Polyptych] [Reboq Remix] 12 Zy Khan - Ghosts of past [Polyptych]


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