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EZEK is back with a brand new two-track EP titled A World Without You

As one of our favorite producers at #UxoaDutxaElite, EZEK is back with a brand new two-track EP titled A World Without You totally oriented towards the #MelodicTechno.

World Without You is a track with an uplifted energy in the drums and bassline with the characteristic touch of #EZEK and likewise a melancholic atmosphere accompanies it and a melodic sequence emerges and evolves ethereally in each note until reaching the break where they dissolve all the nostalgic feelings to return with the drums and the other sonorous elements maintaining these sensations that will touch your soul.

Coming Home begins with a constant rhythm accompanied by a progressive bassline and an abstract atmosphere in the background while the hats are elegantly incorporated and an arpeggiated sequence emerges from the shadows changing the automation of its filters creating a slight tension that gives entry a brief break with a snazzy melodic riff and a mysterious female vocal thus continuing with the main rhythm maintaining the riff that takes you to a new break where it manifests a sequence of sublime sounds.

Without a doubt, a spectacular EP from our friend EZEK that gives an excellent start to the year at Uxoa Dutxa Elite.

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