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Alessio Pennati makes his debut with Realm Of Silence EP

We welcome Alessio Pennati who makes his Uxoa Dutxa elite debut with an Ep called "Realm Of Silence" loaded with melodies full of energy and feelings.

To start we have "1000 Miles" which is a very emotional track mainly with very sweet and delicate arpeggios that change their automations with different nuances and filters in a progressive rhythm on the bassline and a simple but versatile drums.

Followed by "Realm Of Silence" that maintains that elegance with a very interesting sequence while quickly joining a more present and energetic bassline with a robust kickdrum, as well as synthesizer riffs that are forming incredible ethereal melodies transmitting a deep feeling in each note, where it is perceived and felt in the break where the synths seem to simulate something glorious.

To finish we have a track titled "Sustain Dream" that, like its predecessors, begins with a very fine sequence that is rapidly developing, making this the main part of this musical piece accompanied by a gentle drums thus creating a feeling of calm and purity when a totally monumental new melody emerges that unfolds from an ethereal feeling.

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