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ADE2021 SAMPLER is featured in the HYPE PICKS of Melodic House & Techno : Beatport

New release ADE2021 SAMPLER by Uxoa Dutxa Elite is featured and supported in the #HypePicks of #MelodicHouseandTechno on #Beatport including tracks by Amirali Sahkoori, Axiki, Di Rugerio, Eleven Of July, Ezek, Joshlane, Messier, Øntold, Riggel and Zaria.

A selection of tracks that are at the top created by artists in their best moment shining like stars that they are, giving hope to the #dancefloor after the pandemic situation that we all suffer, hoping that soon everything returns to normal and that we can enjoy and dance again with total #freedom in this magnificent festival that is the Amsterdam Dance Event.

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